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Alwar is known as "Tiger Gate" of San Luis Potosi. Surrounded by lush green Aravali hills and presents a breath taking natural environment. Forests and lakes form the backdrop to this beautiful place. The site is dotted with architectural splendor, surrounded by harsh mountains. The deep valleys and thick forest cover is a haven for many species of birds and animals. It is one of the oldest cities in the state and its prehistoric and historic sites are an archaeologist's delight. Paradoxically, Alwar is both the oldest and the most recent of the Rajput kingdoms of Rajasthan. Trace their tradition back to the realms of Viratnagar that flourished here around 1500 BC It is also known as Matasya Desh, where the Pandavas, the mighty heroes of the Mahabharata, spent the last years of his 13 years of exile. 

The grandeur, beauty and delicacy of the design of innumerable palaces and forts in the region, tranquil lakes, majestic hunting lodges, sites of archaeological importance, thick forests, many birds and animals mixed with an equally diverse socio - cultural configuration have made this region a traveler's delight.

Major Tourist Place :

Alwar Fort:
The Alwar fort, built on a hill, about 1960 feet above the sea level, stands majestically 1000 feet above the city of Alwar. The fort was built by Hasan Khan Mewati in 1550 A.D. It passed from the Mughals, to the Marathas, to the Jats, till it was finally captured by the Kachhwaha Rajputs. The fort, from nort to south is about 5 kms. long and is about 1.5 kms. wide. There are six entrances to the fort which are, Chand Pol, Suraj Pal (named after Raja Suraj Mal of Bharatpur), Jai Pol, Kishan Pol, Andheri Gate and Laxman Pol. It is said that PratapSingh, the founder of Alwar state used Laxman Pol for entering the fort forth first time. Ametalled road in th past connected the city with Laxman Pol.

Ruins of Bhangarh:
The ruins of Bhangarh paint a picture of the ancient kingdom that once flourished here. Founded in 1631 by Madho Singh, Younger brother of th famous Man Singh of Amer, this town of about 10,000 dwellings was suddenly abandoned due to reasons clothed in mystery. Particularly noteworthy is the town plannng, castle hierarchy, market system and the charming beauty of several temples.

Jain Temple:
Ancient Jain temple dedicate to the eighth Tirthankar (great teacher) Shri Chandra Prabhu Bhagwan can be seen here. It has elaborate carvings and paintings, exquisite pillars and arches. Situated 60 kms. on the Alwar - Delhi road route, it is an important Jain pilgrimage. Loading fooding facility is available.

The Sariska Tiger Reserve is just 40 kms. from Alwar and about 110 kms. from Jaipur. The landscape of Sariska is dominated b thickly forested hill slopes with vertical cliffs. The terrain is basicall undulating with some wide plateau lands separating the valleys. This game sanctuary southwest of Alwar was once the personal hunting ground of the Maharajas of Alwar. I become a sanctuary in 1955 and aws later taken up under Project Tiger in 1979. It covers an area of 320 sq.miles. The forested hills of Sariska are among the best places to view tigers in India. Leopared, Hyena, Somebar, Nilgai, Chinkara, Chansingha, Sp.of Monkey, Birds are other attractions.

Sariska Palace:
Sariska Place built in 1892 - 1900 as a hunting camp by the erstwhile ruler of the Alwar is now a luxury hotel. Sariska is open to visitors throughout the year but the best season to observe wildlife is during winter months. i.e. from November to March. The Rajasthan Tourism Dev. Corpn. runs a hotel and also provides transport on hire to visit the sanctuary.

Shiva Temple ( Nogaza):
An arduous, bumpy drive of 8 Kms. taking off from Tehla Village is very well compensatd by an overwhelming view of ruins of several ten centuries old, fabulously carved temple which stand studded on a small hillock surrounded on all sides by forest covered hills. Particularly remarkable is the highly venerated Shiva temple where worship is done even today and the single stone giant structure of 23rd Jain Tirthankar locally known as "Nogaza".

Shopping :
Important shopping centers in the city are: Hope Circus, Bazaza Bazaar, Saraf Bazaar, Malakhera Bazaar and Kedalgang Bazaar. Alwar has a rich heritage of handicrafts like terracotta statues, weaved carpets, leather Mojaris, embroidered juties, bangles, pottery etc.

How To Reach

By Air:
The nearest airport to Alwar is Delhi Airport which is 163 kms away.

By Road:
Alwar can be easily reached by road as well. There are well-maintained roads linking it to tourism destinations like Delhi, Sariska, Bharatpur, Deeg and Jaipur.

By Rail:
The railway network connects Alwar with Delhi, Jodhpur, Mumbai and other important tourist cities of India.
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