Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Ambedkar Nagar is a district in the Faizabad division of Uttar Pradesh. It was formed by the then Chief Minister of the state, Ms Mayawati. The place derives its name from the famous Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. The district basically comprises of rural population. There are approximately 3995 villages in the district of Ambedkar Nagar. Since the district is very scattered, it is divided into nine blocks for convenience. The blocks are - Akbarpur, Baskhari, Bhiti, Bhiyam, Jahagirgani, Jalalpur, Katehari, Ramnager, and Tanda.

The River Tons divides the city of Akbarpur, which is situated on its bank, into Akbarpur and Shazadpur. Shahzadpur is the main commercial area of the city. The River Saryu flows into the district from the northern side. Its waters are used for irrigational purposes by the Tanda, Jahagirgani, Ramnager and Baskhari blocks. The waters of the lakes Devhat and Hanswar are used by Baskhari block for irrigation purpose. . Lake Darvan provides water in the Katehari block. The Akbarpur, Bhiti, Bhiyam, and Jalapur blocks depend upon smaller rivers and seasonal streams.

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