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Barmer is a city that is located in the Barmer district of the state of Rajasthan. The city was first founded in the 13th century. The original name of the village was Bahadmer which means the hill fort of Bahada. The town has many historical sites and it is a popular tourist destination. The Juna Barmer is a popular place that is located near the city of Barmer. For those who are spiritually inclined, the ruins of three Jain temples can be seen towards the South of the city. There are many temples that are located in Juna and one can find inscriptions dating back to the 13th century in the pillars of the main temple. The city is well known for its excellent wood carvings and one can purchase these from many shops that are located around the place. If you are visiting during the summer season it might be worthwhile to visit the cattle fare that takes place in March and April. Another festival that takes place in the town is the Barmer Thar Festival. This was initially started to promote tourism in the city and takes place in the month of March and many tourists can be seen during this period.

The district is surrounded by Jaisalmer district in the north, Jalore district in the south, Pali district and Jodhpur district in the east and Pakistan in the west. Balotra, Guda Malani, Baytoo, Siwana, Jasol and Chohatan are other major towns.

Barmer district is part of the Great Indian Desert or Thar Desert. Like all other districts in the desert region, Barmer is known for its folk music and dance. The Bhopas (priest singers) are found in Barmer, who compose music in honour of the deities of the region and its war heroes. The other folk musicians come from a community called the Muslim Dholis (drummers) for most of whom this is the only means of livelihood.


Kiradu temples : The Kiradu temples are a group of five temples and are grouped as ancient temples, an important site from the archaeological point of view. The largest and the most impressive amongst them is the Someshvara Temple. Built in the 11th century, the Someshvara ancient temple is said to be the best example of its kind today. Constructed in honour of Lord Shiva (the Destroyer in the holy trinity of Hindu gods), it has a rather stumpy multi-turreted tower and beautiful sculptures dedicated to the god. The inner sanctum has a resplendent image of the Lord. At its base, is a large reverse-curve lotus, which has a resemblance with the early Chola Temples of south India. This ancient temple also depicts scenes from the Hindu epic Ramayana. Other notable features are sculptures of apsaras (mythical dancing girls from the abode of the Gods) and vyalas (a griffin-like mythical beast generally associated with the Buddha) which were rarely seen after 1050AD in temple architecture. All in all, although Barmer is a bit out of the way you’ll get your money’s worth when you visit Someshvara.

Rani Bhatiani Temple: Rani Bhatiani Temple is located on the Nakoda-Balotara Road in Jasol. The area around Jasol was once ruled by the Rajput clan - Mallani for a long period of time. Jasol is some 158 km from Barmer. Rani Bhatiani Temple is constructed using the materials that belonged to a Jain temple of Khed. The temple also displays some carved sculptures that were brought from Khed. 

Barmer: Perched on a rocky hill, the town has ruins of an old fort. Of interest are a temple dedicated to Balark (the Sun) and the ancient ruins of Juna Barmer. The three Jain temples, an inscription of 1295 AD and a massive pillar in the hall of the largest temple of Maharaja Kula Sri Samanta Sinha Deva, a ruler of Bahadmera (Barmer) are also worth a visit.

Khed: Rao Siha, the founder of the Rathore clan alongwith his son (Asthanji) conquered Khed from the Guhil Rajputs and planted the standard of the Rathores. An old Vishnu temple of Ranchhrji is surrounded by a crumbling wall and an image of Garuda (the eagle) at the gate guards the complex. Other temples nearby include temples of Brahma, Bhairav, Mahadev and a Jain temple of Lard Mahaveer.

Meva Nagar: Once called Viranipur, this 12th century village lies on the slope of a hill called Nagar-ki-Bhakarian, 9 km away from Balotra. The village has three Jain temples. The biggest of these is one dedicated to Nakoda Parsvanath. A Vishnu temple is also worth visiting.

Balotra & Kanana: Close to Kanana, the venue for the Sheetal Saptmi Mela, lies the small town of Balotra. It is an important centre of printing and dying.

How to reach Barmer :
BY Train : Barmer is on the disused railway line from Jodhpur to Hyderabad in Pakistan. Daily trains travel from Barmer to Jodhpur for Rs 60/120 in 2nd/1st class.

By Air  : Nearest airport is Jodhpur and Jaisalmer

By Road : Distances From BarmerTo Important Cities By Road.

Jodhpur: 224 km 
Jodhpur: 198 km 
Jaiselmer:157 km
Jalore: 204 km
Udaipur: 462 km
Jhunjhunun: 625 km
Jaipur: 588 km

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